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Everything is 'Web'

What does that even mean? Effectively, it means that your applications run inside of a web-browser. The Internet or World Wide Web as it used to be known, has evolved such that we expect web 'sites' to actually function as dynamic portals that respond to our input, giving us the information that we need. They behave more like applications more than web pages.

Facebook, Google Mail, all of these depend on this construct. The convenience and simplicity of using such cloud services means that your business can do more, with less.

More on 'web'

We think that this warrants some explanation. Some companies are justifiably apprehensive about the cloud, for both security and ownership concerns. Your business can still benefit from the advantages of web applications by deploying them in-house within the walls of your business. This is made even easier when you have one of our QNAP servers, which can run your web applications locally without the need to purchase a server, and offer secure access for your workers with VPN.

Desktop applications

Of course, we also offer a great selection of desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. We know what works and what doesn't. We emphasize the use of Open Source software.