It's all in the box...

Low maintenance, high-reliability server appliances.

We've come a long way from the standard high-maintenance office server. Our solutions are based on simple Network Attached Storage servers manufactured my QNAP. QNAP is widely recognized as providing excellent value appliances

Low cost

A QNAP device is about 1/10th the cost of a mid-range Windows server, and provides the necessary functionality for businesses with 5-20 employees. $450 equips your office with all of the tools it needs to keep up to speed for years to come.

Low maintenance

A NAS is a true appliance, just like your toaster. It is designed to run for years without user intervention. A NAS also helps us to administer your site remotely, it provides one point of always-on access for our technicians and your authorized employees.


All of these NASes come with multiple drive bays to counter the low-reliability of hard disk drives. Did you know that 10% of hard disks fail within their first 3 years of service? Can you afford to lose your critical business data? Many models include 2 Gigabit Ethernet connections for "teaming" transfers and allowing concurrent large data transfers of data.

Custom Applications

A QNAP NAS comes with a huge assortment of custom software opportunities embedded right into the device. From databases (MySQL), to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to media streaming solutions for your office and customers, to website hosting.

Remote Access

A QNAP NAS comes standard with a VPN server built-in. Meaning that multiple employees can connect from on the road and have access to files and services as if they were in the office. Need to print out a document on the secretary's printer, no problem! Read a PDF stored on the shared drive, no problem! Access remote desktop on a computer in the office, simple.


A QNAP NAS supports Mac, Windows, and Linux PC, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices equally. You are never locked away from your data. Native mobile apps actually let you manage and work with your NAS and data while on the go.

Excellent vendor support

The purchase of a QNAP device entitles you to regular and free firmware updates. QNAP demonstrably releases new versions of its software for devices even after they have reached End-of-Life. QNAP is the only NAS vendor with a proven track record of releasing such updates and honoring end user requests for new and improved features.

High performance

QNAP is consistently rated as having the highest performance of any NAS devices on the market. In contrast to Netgear and Western Digital, who often utilize lower performance components, QNAP takes your time more seriously. File transfers over Gigabit Ethernet are in 60-80MB/second range, which is nearly the speed of a local hard disk rated at 110MB/second.

Seamless backup

Affordable offsite backup for your data is automatic. A QNAP NAS sends a duplicate of all of your data to a location of your choosing, whether another NAS at an owners' home, an online hosting provider, or a cloud storage provider like ElephantDisk or Amazon Web Services.

Space-saving & green

A QNAP device is a fraction the size of a server and fits nearly anywhere. In addition, it's low power requirements of around 16-30W are both green, and allow your NAS to run for extended intervals on battery backup. Negating the need for expensive UPS systems.