when you need it, software when you don't.


The 6-month lifecycle for PCs is long behind us. AvianBLUE has the expertise to breath new life into the hardware that you already have. We believe in buying capable warranteed hardware when necessary. It will save you a bundle in the long run.

Not from the office supply store!

We source quality PCs from volume resellers. Great quality Dell and Lenovo systems can be found for a bargain. We recommend used Lenovo ThinkCentre, HP, and Dell Optiplex PCs.


For most small business, a standard server is most often overkill. An embedded server appliance or Network Attached Storage (NAS) device offers the features that a business requires, at less capital and operating cost. Maintaining a regular server properly requires expertise, which costs. Find out more about our NAS-centric server solutions.


The phone is commoditized! VoIP handsets allow you to select the provider that you like, and the hardware is compatible with all of them. You are no longer tied into one manufacturer as in the past (Toshiba, Nortel). We offer a great selection of featureful and easy-to-use phones, and plans that offer great bang for your buck!